EXPOMATCHING the exclusive networking solution for Event Organizers! 

An unique platform provided by goMed2Med for visitors and exhibitors allowing both parties to match and meet their leads regarding industry specific, mutually beneficial needs before and during the event. We even offer a 365-day solution!

Easy to use, and supported by an automatic matching function (patented), eliminating the need to manually search databases to find the right business connections and to pre-arrange Face-to-Face meetings on-site, either at the exhibitor’s stand or in a dedicated meeting area(s). 

For every event we setup a custom made match and meet platform according your specific event needs including personal back-office and exclusive onsite service!

Our networking platform, our back office and personal onsite services are used by UBM's  Flagship Events:
CPhI worldwide 2016 in Barcelona, CPhI india 2016 in Mumbai, Pharmapack 2017 in Paris, Medtec Europe 2017 in Stuttgart. Second edition for CPhI worldwide 2017 in Frankfurt, CPhI India 2017 in Mumbai, Pharmapack 2018 in Paris and Medtec Europe 2018 in Stuttgart,  CPhI middle east & africa 2018, the third edition for CPhI worldwide 2018 in Madrid, third edition for CPhI india 2018 in New Delhi and Pharmapack 2019 in Paris.

For 2019 you will be able to use our service after registering as an exhibtior or visitor using the link(s) below:
CPhI mea 16-18 September in Abu Dhabi - CPhI worldwide 5-7 November in Frankfurt - CPhI india 26-28 November Delhi