User Quotes

We find your platform brilliant and really focussed! We did obtain a couple of good leads on this platform that are currently in lead development phase. In general leads on GoMed2Med tend to be warmer and possibly more relevant for our purposes than the ones we randomly come across online, which is great. We would just appreciate more matches coming our way on a daily basis. But I am sure you are doing all the good work on these events and online to raise awareness of the platform and get more and more people subscribing to the platform. Many thanks for all your help.

R. Angerman, Firstkind Ltd - Marketing Communications Manager

“I used goMed2Med's service and found two potential partners in EU right away. I invited both of them to have a face-to-face meeting in my coming trip to Paris last month and is now talking business with one of them. Before using goMed2Med, finding a partner in another continent usually needs to go via a consultant. “

Mr.Bach, VP Maisense

I have met GoMed2Med at a congress and was immediately enthusiastic about this idea/concept. It’s a great tool to find partners. Although I am only a member for a few month, some of the matches are growing into concrete leads and business contacts already.

As a commercial guy I must say I am happy with the results so far !

J.d.W. GM - MyDiagnostick

Our first experiences with the goMed2Med internet platform are promising and very helpful for us. Regarding our business profile display we immediately received many company contacts, some of them fit perfectly to our future business strategies.

Compared to a medical fair the goMed2Med platform is a very cost effective and time-saving solution. We can highly recommend this smart b2b-platform for companies who are looking for new business contacts, new products and new markets.

Matthias Krainz - Managing Director / CONATURA GmbH

goMed2Med is a smart and individually-tailored solution to find a perfect business partner.

In order to build up sustainable and successful partnership you need first of all to prepare the basis for it. The matchmaking platform gives this chance to select /  be selected among the companies corresponding to the certain, relevant for a single company, criteria.

For NanoRepro AG, a German IVD company, several matches have turned out into the great business opportunities in the key emerging markets, namely South Africa, China, Hong-Kong and Taiwan. A large number of contacts are being currently developed.

Personally, I am the fan of the platform because it is not only about match making but also about following the latest industry trends, widening the horizons and exchanging the reliable professional information.

I would highly recommend joining goMed2Med and letting us drive business together.

Tetiana Demchenko - Head of International Sales / NanoRepro AG

very useful tool to find and connect with new companies

Sandra Huzai - Operational Manager

interesting system to find new businesspartners in different countries

Client - Director